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The renovation

the house – slideshow

The renovation was supervised by architect Odile Decq and lasted five years. Most of the craftsmen who worked on the building site had already worked with Antti Lovag. Their expertise helped to resolve the many challenges which cropped up during the renovation.

I first began working on the exterior, just to become familiar with the house. Odile Decq
I sought to do something joyous, completely in line with the Sixties. Odile Decq

Odile Decq

the architect – biography

Odile Decq has an architectural style that questions where body and senses are positioned in living spaces. All of her projects are designed with the idea of a circuit and aim for interactive architecture, be it for the Banque Populaire de l’Ouest in Rennes or the MACRO in Rome and FRAC contemporary art museums in Brittany.

The approach

architecture – video

Odile Decq describes her discovery of the house and her first impressions. She explains how she first had to become acclimated to Antti Lovag’s architecture before beginning work and how she used color to structure her renovation of the house.

The concept of «Too much is never enough» became the color leitmotif. Odile Decq
It’s a house that was built while being transformed along the way, evolving, and that continues to develop. Odile Decq

isabelle bernard

project manager – biography

Isabelle Bernard fully committed to the renovation of the house by selecting architect Odile Decq to conduct the work. Together, they both took great care to preserve the house’s identity while continuing the adventure that had motivated Pierre Bernard and Antti Lovag.


The challenge

history – video

After their father passed away, Isabelle and Jean Patrice Bernard decided to write a new chapter in the history of the house, ensuring that it remains a place conducive to creativity. The first step was renovation work that reclaimed and modernized the house.

Maison Bernard


Odile Decq

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